Does that look like a big cat to you?

Dedicated Browncoat, slightly annoyed Hunter, desperate Whovian, and rt obsessed.

Suck it blues.

Animation student at DJCAD, therefore this is occasionally an art blog. Mostly filled with other people's art, bad jokes and my obsession with everything roosterteeth related (especially Joel <3)

And Firefly. Can't forget firefly. NO ONE CAN FORGET FIREFLY.

One warning before you decide to follow me, I really reblog a hell load of red vs blue, RWBY, achievement hunter and roosterteeth stuff so please don't hate me.

Always taking commissions and requests, questions or just general conversation, just send me an ask and I'll try my best.

Are we talking about this yet?

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    Rile the masses! For today we shall regain the good old American things of liberty, apple pie, and THE SOUL OF MORGAN...
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    we sHOULD BE !11!!!!!!1!
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